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For over 25 years, Steve Hed spent his energy developing the best cycling equipment available. When it came to wheels, the end goal was simply to make them as fast as possible. It may sound easy, but the journey to building the world's fastest wheels is complicated, and ever-changing. In the pursuit of speed, Steve continually pushed the envelope to its fullest; no stone left unturned. Hed is known for building the world's most aerodynamic wheels, a title that all wheel companies wish they could claim.

Most people do not realize that Hed goes a lot further than just aerodynamics to bring you the fastest wheels on earth. Other important issues such as tire performance, stability in crosswinds, lateral stiffness, drivetrain efficiency, durability, comfort, quality control, carbon fiber manipulation, and weight are also carefully considered. Each wheel addresses these aspects in different ways, and this is truly where science meets art – and True Speed was born.

Back in 1984, Steve Hed started his company building aerodynamic disc wheels. At that time, Hed was the only company able to make them affordable to the average person. With his wind tunnel experience and deep manufacturing knowledge, it became obvious to Steve that his disc wheel provided a huge aerodynamic advantage. Using them as a front wheel, however, created steering problems that could be dangerous in windy conditions. In order to solve this problem, Steve invented the deep section carbon wheel that we all see today. In hindsight, this seems like a simple solution, but back in the 80's it was revolutionary.

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