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HED True Speed Wheel Bags

The Hed single wheel bag is a simple and stylish way to transport wheels or keep them clean while in storage. This is not a padded bag, and is intended to keep your wheels safe from surface scratches - but not intended to protect from large impacts or...

HED Fleece Hat

The Hed Fleece hat isn't fancy, and doesn't need to be.  It's soft.  It wicks moisture.  It'll keep you warm.  If you sweat a lot and never wash your hat, eventually it'll stink, too.  You should wash it from time to time. One...
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HED Grease Gun

The HED grease gun is everything you want in a grease gun.  Its attractive, high-tech design is pleasing to the eye.  It comes filled with grease.  It will even dispense that grease with pinpoint accuracy on to anything that needs greasing...