Wear What You Ride.

We know your Pursuit doesn’t end when you’re off the pedals. Let others know that you ride on character, quality, and excellence with gear and clothing from HED Cycling Products. Go Ahead. Make a statement.

HED Threads.

Like every product in HED Cycling’s lineup, we put our name on our clothing. Over the years, we’ve put our name on wheels, aero bars, water bottles, even tubes of sunscreen, traveling from our home in Minnesota, where we build our wheels, to every corner of the globe.

Why? Simple: our name isn’t just a logo; it’s a stamp of quality.

The HED Logo.

Wheels, van bumpers, jerseys, bike frames, tubes of sunscreen  – the HED logo has been featured far and wide over the past 40 years, and it’s got some stories to tell.

It starts with the Hed family. When they started the company, Steve and Anne ran through a whole list of name ideas, but nothing felt quite right. Why did they go with “HED”? Simple: when you believe in something, you put your name on it.

The merged “H” and “E”, the period at the end? Stories for another day. One thing is for sure: the HED logo is trusted, an instantly recognizable icon in the cycling industry.

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