Fat Bike.

The World’s Lightest Fat Bike Wheels.

No one does deep Winter and rugged terrain like Minnesotans. No one does Fat Biking like Minnesotans. That’s where we get our edge. HED experts design & test each fat bike wheel right here in Minnesota, through snowy winter commutes and backwoods adventure riding.

The result? The lightest, toughest Fat Bike wheels on the market.

Speed for Every Surface.

The same drive that took HED experts into the wind tunnel and World Tour riding has taken us into gnarly adventure riding and deep winter conditions. When the terrain gets extreme, every pedal stroke matters.

At HED we design Fat Bike wheel systems that maximize energy transfer and carry momentum. Wheels that cover serious ground. Faster.

Demands to Designs in Fat Biking.

There’s nothing like Fat Biking, a mode of cycling that lets riders to roll over just about any surface. That level of versatility also means designing wheels and gear for some of cycling’s most complicated conditions. From Alaska’s Iditarod Trail to Fat Bike Worlds, world class athletes have powered HED’s line of Fat Bike wheels across gnarly terrain and sheer ice, through grueling days and frigid nights.

The results speak for themselves: like wheels throughout the HED lineup, podiums and records at every level.

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