Gravel Wheels Without Limits.

Gravel is the ultimate test of wheel performance. It’s slates and slabs and crushed limestone. It’s dirt and mud. It’s variable and changing.

At HED, we design gravel wheels for versatility, optimizing every wheel to react to the forces applied to the wheel regardless of the conditions. We make gravel wheels that are light and lively. We make wheels that create endless possibilities.

Pioneers of Wide Rims.

HED Cycling shook the wheel industry in 2007, when it first introduced wider rim profiles for all-road riding with the HED Ardennes. At a time when most wheel brands used internal widths of 15-17mm, HED defied conventions, creating wheels with internal rim widths beyond 20mm.

Now, the movement continues with our line of Emporia gravel wheels, featuring internal widths of 26mm. Stop settling for the limitations of narrow rims. Ride and race far and wide with the advantage of HED.

The Midwest.

It all started here, in Minnesota. In the 2000’s, Steve Hed started looking down gravel back-roads. It reminded him of the Grand Tours of the early 20th century, when pavement was hard to come by and cyclists had no choice but to run wider, knobbier tires.

Inspiration struck. He began experimenting with wider wheel technology, introducing 21mm internal widths with the Ardennes and Jet.

Today, Steve’s love of gravel is memorialized in the annual RAGBRAI Gravel Loop in Western Iowa. Wherever there’s gravel, expect to briefly see a set of HED wheels rip by, still showing other wheel brands how it’s done.

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