The Story of HED Cycling Products

It’s Not Just a Story. It’s a Legacy.

Like so many great American companies, HED Cycling Products began with garage shop imagination. It began with the meeting of two people, a professional triathlete and a bike shop owner, who shared a vision: to revolutionize cycling.

Nearly 40 years later, Anne and Steve Hed’s original vision, creating an improved riding experience for every rider, continues to drive the sport forward through HED Cycling Products, one of cycling’s most respected brands. From riders to racers, weekend exploring to worldwide competition, HED Cycling Products has made world-class bike wheel technology accessible to everyone – and there are no signs of slowing down.


The Start of a Revolution

HED Cycling Products began in the basement of a bike shop. Steve Hed, then, the owner of Grand Performance in St. Paul, MN, having spent years experimenting with composites and electronics through model planes, water skis and skateboards, went down into the basement of his bike shop with a wild idea: to create the first modern and affordable aero disc wheel for triathletes.

Countless hours of design and meticulous craft led to this moment. HED Cycling was born.

The HED CX & the New Frontier in Aerodynamics

Before bikes and wheels, Steve Hed spent his time building and flying model planes, studying every aspect of flight. That lead him to a realization: traditional bike wheels, with their wedged “V” shape weren’t giving athletes the advantage they needed to take their performance to the next level.

Unlike an airplane wing, Steve saw that the trailing edge of a bike wheel rim would quickly become the leading edge as it spun to the back of the wheel’s natural rotation. In order for the wheel to be truly aerodynamic, the wheel’s trailing edge also had to act as a leading edge, it’s shape had to be rounded out to account for wind dynamics from every angle.

Realization becaome breakthrough when Steve made the 60mm HED CX, the first toroidal shaped wheel, revolutionizing bike wheel performance. To this day, Steve’s discovery lives on in HED’s line of Jet and Vanquish wheels, the latter of which holds the patent for the most aerodynamic bike rim profile in the world.


The Invention of “Tails”

One of our core values at HED Cycling is “Innovation has no finish line”, which, over the years, has led to equally groundbreaking and wild products. In 1988, Steve had an idea to give triathletes an aerodynamic edge by repositioning water bottle storage to site behind the rider,off the frame of the bike and inside the natural slipstream the rider produces. He called the new product “Tails”, the first behind-the-seat water bottle holder.

These rear hydration systems are now common among triathletes around the world, but all goes back to a wild idea Steve had one afternoon.

The Birth of an Icon: The HED Jet

Building upon the success of the HED CX, HED Cycling Products began exploring new materials. From the dyed fiberglass of the early years, the team started experimenting with carbon fiber, using the natural strength and weight savings of the material to further improve wheel performance.

In 1992, Steve and the team cracked the code, introducing its first carbon fiber toroidal shaped wheel. They called it the “Jet-Style Wheel”, the first in a long line of industry-leading HED Jets.


All Uphill from Downhill

As the American Mountain Biking revolution began, HED Cycling Products took its aerodynamic expertise to the slopes and parks, introducing aerodyanimc profile downhill MTB and BMX wheels.

During this time, Steve began considering the impact of wider rim profiles, but not just for mixed terrain. There was still new ground to break out on the road.

The Trispoke

Working with DuPont, HED Cycling Products acquired an unconventional wheel design: a carbon wheel with three aerodynamic foils in the place of traditional spokes. The wheel took on the expertise HED Cycling had become known for, with the three spokes featuring a rounded leading edge, sharp trailing edge to create an unprecedented performance advantage.

From Triathlons to the Tour to fixed gear bikes around the world, this was the beginning of HED’s H3


The Invention of the Carbon Aero Bar

Always looking for the next rider advantage, Steve Hed turned to componentry, this time, taking a close look at aero bars. For years triathletes and road cyclists had experimented with position and different handbar set ups, but no one had thoroughly reworked both the shape and material of handlebars.

Having spent the better part of a decade perfecting carbon layup techniques, Steve and the team at HED Cycling became committed to creating handlebars that would give riders both an aerodynamic and weight advantage. The result? The invention of the first carbon aero bars, a design that industry experts continue to draw inspiration from to this day.

The Jet Gets Faster

Going back to its roots in the aero disc market, HED Cycling Products introduces the Jet Aero Disc. Using hybrid toroidal shaping, the Jet Aero Disc enters the cycling world as the fastest clincher aero disc, becoming the wheel of choice of time trial artists and triathletes around the world.


Steve Hed Passes Away

After 30 years of revolutionizing the sport cycling, Steve Hed passes away suddenly while at work in Minnesota. With ideas in his head and new wheels in the works, Steve is mourned by the cycling community, with industry professionals, competitors, and top athletes noting that sport had lost a true visionary.

Lance Armstrong, a long-time user and advocate of HED wheels, tweeted, “Shocked and saddened to learn of the passing of Steve Hed. I loved him dearly as did everyone who ever met him. We’ll all miss him.”

Taylor Phinney, then with BMC Racing, said, “Steve Hed, your passion, your generosity and your genius will not be forgotten. So sad to lose you. Rest in peace my friend.”

A family man, friend, mentor, and visionary- Steve Hed left his mark on cycling, improved the cycling experience for people around the world and created a legacy like none other in the sport. While he cannot be replaced, his spirit of innovation lives on trhough HED Cycling Products.

Anne Hed Becomes CEO of HED Cycling Products

Shortly after the passing of Steve Hed, his wife, Anne, assumes leadership of the company. From their first meeting in a bike shop to the top of the sport, Steve and Anne were always in it together, reimagining the cycling experience for everyone. The next era of Hed Cycling Products would be no different.

As a woman owned business, HED Cycling Products continues to grow, moving to a new production facility in Roseville, MN. Shortly thereafter, Anne Hed is honored with the Established Business Owner of the Year Award for Minnesota.


Rohan Dennis Sets Records with HED at the Tour

At the Prologue, the opening stage of the 2015 Tour de France, Rohan Dennis, the time trial specialist then with BMC Racing, made the decision to use a HED GT3 Trispoke as his leading wheel through the stage. For nearly 14 kilometers, Dennis set a brutally fast pace, averaging 55.45 km/h (35.45 mph). That day, his pace went unmatched, finished first on the stage and taking first yellow jersey of the 2015 Tour de France. If that wasn’t enough, he also set the course record.

The H3 Rohan Dennis used is now proudly framed on the wall at HED Cycling Products HQ, noted and signed by Dennis himself.

HED and Cervelo Create the P5X

In 2016, Cervelo approached HED Cycling Products with a new idea. Leaning on HED’s aerodynamic and carbon manufacturing expertise, Cervelo and HED worked together to create a superbike that would become instantly recognizable at triathlons and time trials the world over: the Cervelo P5X. Each frame was handmade at HED Cycling Products HQ in Minnesota.


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