Mission Vision Values

Join the Team. Keep Up the Pursuit.

The mission has been the same since day one: to create the best damn cycling experience for everyone. And that means everyone.

Over the years, HED Cycling Products has been proud to partner with some of the world’s best athletes, and we know the important role influential riders play in creating a more popular, inclusive sport. At HED Cycling, we don’t stick to a traditional definition of “Athlete”. We choose to partner with people from all walks of life, regardless of ability, who fit three criteria:

  • HED riders have a clear sense of their own Pursuit
  • HED riders want to grow the sport of cycling, to expand access
  • HED riders support the cycling community, leading by example and character

If you are passionate about cycling, we encourage you to apply to join the HED team of athletes and ambassadors. Our team reviews applications on an annual basis, typically later in the year and leading up to the following season. While we cannot offer sponsorship or support to everyone who applies, we encourage you to keep riding HED wheels, to keep up your Pursuit.