11-speed Conversion



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11-speed Conversion

Do you have a new Shimano or SRAM 11-speed drivetrain?  Do you want to upgrade your existing HED wheels with Shimano 10spd to match?  Look no further.

This kit is for HED wheels with 15mm rear axle and 10spd Shimano freehub body – Jet, Stinger, Ardennes.  This kit does NOT work with H3s, which feature a 12mm axle. This kit does NOT work with 3-pawl Campagnolo freehubs. This kit also does NOT work with Jet and Stinger rear disc wheels (these cannot be upgraded to 11-speed). Lastly, this kit does NOT WORK with non-threaded axles!

There is now only one 11-speed kit for Hubs A-E in photo above. – please look at the photo for details!

Note: When installing this kit, the rear wheel will need to be re-dished by a small amount.

Note: The Shimano HG/SRAM 11-speed freehub can also be used with 8, 9, and 10-speed cassettes, using an appropriate cassette spacer.  Use our 2.8mm spacer for Shimano 10-speed cassettes (withOUT using Shimano’s supplied 1mm spacer), or use our 1.8mm spacer with Shimano 9-speed, or SRAM 9/10-speed cassettes.

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