Big Aluminum Deal Rim (26″)



$250/ Rim

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Big Aluminum Deal Rim (26″)

$250/ Rim

HED’s entire line of Big Deal fat rims can now be purchased as a rim-only for the custom build of your dreams.

Our demanding, discerning, and fat-loving customers have spoken: They love our Big Deal carbon rims. Nothing else offers the same combination of easy tubeless setup, stiffness, and jaw-dropping weight savings. They’re utterly fat-tastic.

In an effort to bring the advantages of Big Deal technology to an even wider audience, our engineers worked hard to apply the same principles to an aluminum platform.

Enter: the Big Aluminum Deal! At 80mm wide, this rim offers superb fit with all common fat bike tire sizes. It has the same patented Inflatobam tubeless technology as its carbon brethren – saving over a pound in inner tubes alone.


  • 26″ aluminum rim
  • 80mm wide
  • 630 grams
  • 3.8″-5″ tire size options


  • In stock!

Note that tire levers should not be used with these rims. Our rim shape does not require tire levers to remove and install tires, and any damage done to the wheel with tire levers will void the HED warranty.

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