Big Deal

$1,900 / SET

As wide as it gets. As light as it gets. And that’s a Big Deal. With a ready-for-whatever width of 85mm and an incredible weight of 445g per rim, HED’s Big Deal fat bike wheels might be the most fun set of wheels in the HED lineup.

  • Handmade in the U.S.A.
  • 26" Carbon Fat Bike Wheels
  • 85mm Rim Width
  • Tubeless Compatible, No Rim Tape Required

Wheel Information.

The Biggest Deal in Fat Biking.

This one-piece, full-carbon rim will change the way you ride. HED’s Big Deal wheels utilize a ribbed, single-wall design to maximize stiffness and minimize rotational weigh. This all comes with a tubeless compatible tire bed that does not require rim tape. You read that right. No rim tape required for tubeless set up.

This design results in one of the lightest fat bike wheel sets in the world. Compared to most (predominantly aluminum) fat bike wheels on the market, HED’s Big Deal wheels enable you to run your fat bike set up up to 2.0 pounds lighter per wheel!

HED’s Big Deal wheels utilize Inflatobam, HED’s patented tubeless technology for installing fat bike tires. The twin channel rim design provides a better pre-inflation seal by trapping each tire bead against the rim. This drastically reduces the amount of air it takes to get the beads to “bam” into place.

In conjunction with the rim shape, Inflatobam utilizes Inflatobands. These effectively provide a variable rim-channel diameter. This compensates for the discrepancies in tire bead diameters by minimizing the gap between the tire and the rim channels (the main source of air leaks). Once seated, the angled bead shelf prevents the tire from collapsing back into the rim at low pressure.

Our interior surfacing and tight tolerances ensure no tire burp or slip. Also note that our rim shape does not require tire levers to remove and install tires. Inner tubes may be used, too.

Note: the Big Deal is drilled symmetrically ONLY and cannot accommodate offset frames.

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