VOLO (set)



From $6,000 / Set

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VOLO (set)

From $6,000 / Set

The Record-Setting HED VOLO.

Records aren’t just made to be broken. With HED’s VOLO track wheels, they’re made to be shattered.

Developed in partnership with Team USA – with the expressed purpose of delivering gold, world championships and records – the VOLO is the fastest, most aerodynamic track disc we’ve ever created. Expertly designed, meticulously hand-crafted. The only question left is: what record will the VOLO take on next?


  • Handmade in the U.S.A.
  • Custom-Built for Right or Left-Side Drivetrains
  • Tubular-Specified Tire Bed Design
  • 1300g Front Wheel, 1350g Rear Wheel


  • HED VOLO wheels ship in 4-6 weeks

World-Class to World Records.

The VOLO project was never about going ‘back to the drawing board’. When HED’s team of engineers first met with Team USA, it committed to a full analysis and redesign of track wheel technology.

Leaning on HED’s decades of industry-leading aerodynamic performance, our team began by asking, ‘where do most wheel companies go wrong with their track wheel design?’ After research and testing, it became clear that the design of many track wheels amount to little more than re-purposed road bike wheels – a shortcut that doesn’t deliver best-in-class velodrome performance.

As always, at HED, compromise is never an option. The pursuit for the perfect track wheel was on.

HED’s team began at the tire bed, creating a custom-shaped, tubular tire-specific shape to minimize rolling resistance. From there, HED was able to focus entirely on the overall structure of the wheel, aiming to deliver a supremely light, stiff and aerodynamic total profile.

Beneath two sheer, streamlined plates of lightweight carbon, the VOLO is entirely hollow, reinforced with internal carbon ribbing, ensuring strength and stiffness while keeping weight to a minimum. At the 1,300g for the front wheel and 1,350g for the rear wheel, that means the VOLO accelerates quickly and holds top-end speed like no other wheel in the world.

To top it off, HED partnered with Onyx Racing Products to design a custom-made track hub, also produced here in the USA, which pairs exclusively to White Industries splined track cogs.

Top to bottom, designed, engineered and hand-crafted right here in the USA.

With the American Hour Record (Tom Zirbel, 53.037km), the Canadian Hour Record (Lionel Sanders, 51.304km), and a line of gold medals to its name, the VOLO has become the track wheel of choice for athletes the world over.

Leave nothing out on the track. From personal records to world records, start shattering them all with HED’s VOLO track wheels.

For a custom-built set of HED VOLOs, order today.

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