For Wheel Builders. By Wheel Builders.

At HED, we get dedication to craft. Since 1984, we’ve hand-built each and every wheel that has left our headquarters in Minnesota. Why? Like you, we believe that every detail matters.

It Starts with the Rim.

From 1984 through the 1990’s, Steve Hed saw a bike industry in need of higher quality wheel rims. That need led to some cycling’s most reputable rims: the Belgium C2 and the Belgium Plus. Light, agile, built to endure – Steve’s focus was on excellence.

With that same attention to quality we apply to every product, HED designs rims to be built with ease and perform better than anything else out there. From the original Belgiums to now, whatever wheel build you have in mind, HED has the rims to make it happen.

Rims Made by Hand.

At HED, each carbon rim is built by hand, by a staff that approaches their craft with precision. Our full range of carbon rims are hand-built in the USA, created with a go-anywhere, do-anything attitude. Created with performance in mind.

Do you know who made your carbon rims? We do.


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