Road + Tri.

The Fastest Road Bike Wheels. Period.

We’ve handbuilt wind tunnels, consulted with professional athletes, raced and explored every composite material available with one purpose: to create the world’s fastest bike wheels.

Today, we own the patent for the most aerodynamic rim profile in the world, featured in both our Vanquish RC Pro and Vanquish RC Performance wheel lines, and there are no signs of slowing down.

Proven Speed.

The feeling is immediate. From the first pedal stroke to the vision-blurring acceleration of HED wheels. At HED, “fast” is never fast enough.

Our team leaves no stone left unturned. We explore full wheel systems, accounting for tire performance, stability in crosswinds, lateral stiffness, and drivetrain efficiency. We make sure you have every advantage possible. The proof? It’s in the performance, the patents, and the podiums.

The Wind Tunnel.

When speed matters, there is one holy ground for performance experts: the wind tunnel. In 1988, before other bike wheel brands, and where it was more common to see Formula 1 cars and rockets, Steve Hed traveled to Texas to begin testing the aerodynamics of HED wheels in wind tunnels. Extensive engineering and wind tunnel testing led to some of cycling’s most iconic wheels: the HED CX, H3 Trispoke, Volo and many more.

Like those legacy wheels, the Vanquish RC Pro series and our full line of Jets have gone on from the wind tunnel to be the wheel of choice of top athletes worldwide.

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