World-Class to World Records.

Hed makes track wheels.  It’s not supposed to be a secret.  We have a superb bolt on track hubset with a stout shell and high flanges to make your track wheels stiff and snappy.  Hub bearings are 6001 size, larger than are commonly used, to give these hubs low rolling resistance and let them spin freely.

The available rims are from our Jet 4, 6, or 9 series and everything they do on the road, they will do on the track.  They’re stiff, very aero, and have been proven for years.  Like the rest of our Jet lineup, the track Jet’s carbon aero section is fabricated right here in Minnesota.  When the rims are made and drilled they go through the door to our wheel assembly room where our amazing build team laces and trues them by hand.

Hed Jet Track wheels, proudly made with precision and proven speed technology in the US.

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