For those times when fast just isn’t fast enough, we went back to the drawing board. The demands of world cups, six day races, and 1,500+ watt sprints bring a unique set of challenges to making the perfect wheel. You must achieve a seemingly impossible combination of aero performance and monumental stiffness – while also keeping weight as light as possible for sprint acceleration. Most other track products are re-purposed road wheels, not optimized for the velodrome.

The Hed Volo is the next evolution of the track disc wheel. With hollow carbon construction and reinforced internal ribs, it’s the stiffest disc we’ve ever tested. At 1,070 grams for a rear wheel, or 1,000 grams for a front wheel, it has incredibly fast acceleration. If that wasn’t enough, it’s also the most aerodynamic track disc we’ve ever tested. 

The Volo Track Disc is available in tubular only, and has a custom-shaped tire bed for low rolling resistance. Our hub is custom made in the USA by Onyx Racing Products, and must be used with White Industries splined track cogs. The proof is in the pudding, and the USA Women’s Pursuit Team will ride the Volo in 2016, as their flagship race wheel.


  • Rim MaterialCarbon
  • Rim TypeTUBULAR
  • Braking SurfaceN/A
  • Hub CompatibilityIndexed Track Cog
  • Wheel size700c
  • Front Wheel Weight1,000g
  • Rear Wheel Weight1,070g
  • Powertap G3 OptionNO
  • Recommended Tire Size19-25mm
  • Rider Weight Limit250LBS
  • IncludesTrack Axle and Nuts
  • MSRP$3,000 front; $3,100 rear

1. Must use White Industries splined track cogs. This interface is designed to be used with a standard English 1.29 x 24 tpi threaded lock ring. 2. May be used with a left or right-hand drive track bike

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