Emporia GC3 Pro

$2,400 / Set

There are gravel kings and then there are gravel emperors. Inspired by the people and town of Emporia, Kansas, hosts of the most iconic gravel event in the world, the Emporia GC3 Pro isn’t designed to ride gravel; it’s designed to crush it.

With an internal width of 26mm and a signature 30mm aerodynamic rim profile, the Emporia GC3 Pro wheel will make you question if you’re riding gravel or time trialing away from everyone else.

*Wheels are shipping in 2 weeks

  • Handmade in the U.S.A.
  • 1,420g per Wheel Set
  • 26mm Internal, 31mm External Rim Width
  • Tubeless Compatible

Wheel Information

Speed and Strength. A Gravel Wheel Without Limits.

Gravel presents a unique set of demands for every rider: higher rolling resistances, terrain that can roll and vary as quickly as you can push the bike. When HED engineers began designing the Emporia GC3 Pro, these demands were top of mind. This led to increasing the width of the rim profile, enabling tire widths from 32mm all the way up to and past 55mm.

Our team also understood that when you ride gravel, the unexpected is bound to happen. That’s why we took a hard look at the rim and tire bed, optimizing the surface for more seamless tubeless set up, creating a firm, reliable hold for tire beads. Our new hookless design also creates stronger rim walls, so when the unexpected happens, you can be confident that your wheels are ready to roll with the punches.

As the lightest set of full-carbon wheels in the HED lineup, the Emporia GC3 Pro wheels are punchy and nimble, able to climb and corner with remarkable ease. And when it comes to expansive gravel runways, these wheels beg to be ridden like you’re in a time trial, through the compliance of its lower rim profile, absorbing all the natural vibration and distortion inherent to gravel riding.

When you ride these wheels, you’ll know immediately, these are HED wheels, the next iteration of Proven Speed. So go ahead, train, race, explore. Go anywhere – go anywhere faster – with the HED Emporia GC3 Pro.

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