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When smooth isn't part of the equation.

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Introducing the HED Raptor 29

With patent-pending DNA Technology

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Introducing the HED Vanquish Aero Disc.

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It's taken 35 years to perfect

The artistry of speed

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35 years of innovation

With no sign of slowing down

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Gravel | CX

Carbon Rims Made

in Minnesota, U.S.A.

The HED Legacy

1955 - 2014

For over 25 years, Steve Hed spent his energy developing the best cycling equipment available. When it came to wheels, the end goal was simply to make them as fast as possible. It may sound easy, but the journey to building the world's fastest wheels is complicated, and ever-changing. In the pursuit of speed, Steve continually pushed the envelope to its fullest; no stone left unturned. Hed is known for building the world's most aerodynamic wheels, a title that all wheel companies wish they could claim.

True Speed

Eroica Alloy

Conquer pavement, dirt, gravel, grass and everything in-between, HED's new generation of gravel/Adventure wheels.

Raptor 29

Raptor DNA wheels are a perfect storm of durability, light weight, and science.


Superb aerodynamic performance with a huge 30mm external width (21mm internal width).

Vanquish Aero Disc

Introducing the fastest disc wheel we have ever made — The Vanquish Aero Disc is here!

Aerodynamics has to be at the forefront of design because our wheels are built for only one thing - speed.

Show Me Some Wheels

It's cliché to say, how do you reinvent the wheel? But we've been able to figure out how to make the fastest wheels in the world.

- Anne Hed

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